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    Gamified Networking using LEGO SERIOUS PLAY

    Scary Networking!

    Meeting strangers can be awkward and even scary to lots of people. Even though many can agree on the importance of building valuable relationships for professional and personal life, the approach to networking today seems limited and outdated. I'm talking about the hustle to meet as many people as possible, collecting stacks of business cards and trying to impress everyone at networking events. Where is the value in that? This is obviously not the case for everyone, but there is no doubt that there is an opportunity to make networking less awkward and scary. What if networking can be more enjoyable and meaningful?


    SUPER PLAY MEETUP was our first community event in Doha gathering strangers from previous PLAY MEETUPs. These were essentially weekly meetups that brought strangers to play, learn and share stories using the power of LEGO SERIOUS PLAY.

    Addressing Networking Challenges

    We wanted to design a user experience that can address the challenges people face in networking and provide a more effective way to create genuine relationships. An experience that can redefine what networking should look like and communicate deep values that connects with the audience. From there, these values would trigger action that benefits the community and helps it to grow organically.


  • Drawing LEGO Profile

    Adding to LEGO Wall

    Getting to know who is who!

  • Ice Breaker

    Opening Presentation

    EQ Session

  • Building LEGO models

    LEGO Networking

    More LEGO Networking

    Making Connections



    This event was co-created by myself and my amazing team of volunteers. It was everyone’s event where each contributed with lots of passion and energy. When everyone is valued and given the chance to contribute, you can expect to feel the magic in the air.


    This event had zero budget! It was purely volunteering services from me, my passionate volunteers and the kind collaborators who supported us with venue, catering, marketing services, decorations and gifts.

    Social Responsibility

    This event reinforces the importance of giving versus taking. We all need to be reminded that we have a social responsibility to give back to our society. All of us can give something even if it's small and it doesn't have to be money. Offering some of your time and talent will make you feel great, strengthen your relationships and create a ripple effect of others giving leading to social goodness to the whole community.

  • Volunteers Team

    Generous Sponsors

    Generous Sponsors

    Social Responsibility


    Would you like to be a sponsor? Feel free to contact us and contribute to our mission!

    Would you like to be a sponsor? Feel free to contact us and contribute to our mission!

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