Would you play with strangers?

    PLAY MEETUP is a social initiative that helps people connect and create more meaningful connections through PLAY.


    It utilizes the power of LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology to create a unique experience where strangers play, build, share stories, reflect and make meaningful connections!

  • Empathy

    Hands Learning

    Story Telling

    Team Work

  • How It Works

    Strangers + Play = Friends



    Attendees are strangers to each others and have NO connections



    Strangers build, share stories and reflect using LEGO® while led by a certified SERIOUS PLAY® facilitator



    Attendees know each other and have developed meaningful connections!


    "We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing." - George Bernard Shaw

    Why Attend PLAY MEETUP?

    • Engage in interesting topics & discussions
    • Develop empathy & listening skills
    • Expand your network & make meaningful connections
    • Learn & experience new things
    • Overcome fear of self-expression with Storytelling
    • Boost creativity by activating your "Brain-hand connection"
    • Discover your hidden skills & "Deep Knowledge" 
    • Release stress & brain fog
    • Have some serious fun!


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    " I was pleasantly surprised of how deep topics can be and how meaningful the conversations can become. What I enjoyed the most were a warm atmosphere and interesting people "


    " I loved the creativity and how LEGO can be used to connect to people in a creative way! Plus it is a lot of fun!! And Emad makes it even more fun! "


    " Honestly, today I had so much fun playing LEGO with strangers. In the beginning it might sound a bit weird. It's nice to feel connected and comfortable with people you are meeting for the first time. Thet listen to you without any judgement, or mockery, paying full attention to every word you say! Even the closest people wouldn't do that. "


    " I remember My PLAY MEETUP was about mothers and I really enjoyed how fast was to get along with strangers and share very special moments and be emotional about it without knowing anyone just simply doing the act of playing with small bricks. ❤️ truly unbelievable! "


    " It’s really amazing how such workshops can improve the level of EQ without even being aware of that. It also might be considered as a therapy! Such sessions teaching us how to accept others the way they are and respectfully listen to their stories without judgments. More important, it teaches us how to view topics from different aspects and views. It also has a long term positive impact which allows us to logically organize our ideas and thoughts! "


    " The event was a complete success It made our team bond, come closer and open up. We haven’t laughed so much in a while as everyone has been so busy. Everyone Loved the LEGO session with Emad and all my friends at the company were asking for the information so that they too can do the same. THANK YOU Emad you are absolutely wonderful. The way you have facilitated the event was great fun and we learned a lot about each other .

    Everyone is still talking about it today "